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The core group of lawyers in the firm excels in their core competencies mentioned against their names in the individual write up below. Besides these constituents who make the core group, the law firm has a dedicated team of associates and independently practicing professionals who are qualified to provide high quality research work, supporting drafting work, documents handling and paralegal assignments. We also draws on the resources of a vast network of independently practicing legal associates it has in different parts of the country giving the firm a pan India footprint. During the last years, the Law firm has also diversified into a variety of emerging areas which are outside the scope of conventional legal practice in India.

Law firm's professionals and experts in diverse fields constitute its strength. Law firm's member Attorney are committed to providing quality legal services in India with a client centered and result-oriented approach to the practice and further committed to follow the highest standard of fair practice and ethics.

The Law firm enjoys the services of the top independently practicing Professionals & Attorney/ lawyer at Delhi, India. The list of firm's members includes highly experienced lawyers, Chartered Accountants, firm Secretary.

In tune with the changing economic scenario in India, Law firm, over the years, has developed multi disciplinary practice capable of addressing and resolving several business and legal issues facing its clients in India. The nature of our clientele encompasses a wide spectrum of individuals and entities that includes both foreign and Indian corporations and several governmental and international agencies. Law firm have access to the expertise of various international associates with whom we constructively interact in order to ensure that our clients get optimum solutions to all their problems and queries.


1. Corporate Law

It is not debated that a sound business planning and the strategic marketing support are the bread earners in a business but at the same time it is essential to barbwire the business fortunes from falling pray to the unforeseen legal hassles. As we meticulously evaluate any

business proposal and suggest to employ the necessary measures to avoid any inconvenience to business, at least legally.

2. Litigation & Arbitration

Our team of lawyers carefully reviews the client's goals prior to initiation of any litigation proceedings. Specific Strategies are drawn after considering those goals and keeping in mind the cost and time factor involved in pursuing the most appropriate remedy. We vehemently ensure that the interests of the clients are well protected by assuring right advice and proper representation in the Court of law. The team members treat each matter with the same dedication and care that it deserves.

3. Advisory

First step towards Security. Our team of professional experts understands and reviews the business goals of our clients intrinsically and provides best possible legal solution. As we say Advisory is the first step towards security thus a legal firewall is created to check legal hits on the business.

4. Drafting & Conveyancing

The Firm's Litigation group is well conversant with drafting of Deeds, Agreements, Title Search Detailed Report, Representations and initiating, defending, pursuing litigation on original and appellate side in civil, criminal, consumer protection and service matters in District Courts, Commissions/Forums, High Court and Supreme Court. The Firm has presence all over India through its Associates.

We also have tie-ups with Foreign Law Firms in UK, USA and Asian Countries too and also undertake Para-Legal, Liaison work for several entities.


Law firm is driven by the strong conviction that a Law firm has to stay ahead of the needs of its clients. To this extent Law firm has always attempted to ensure that the legal problems likely to affect its clients are addressed on a proactive basis. Providing practical business solutions instead of just legal solutions has been our credo. Law firm constantly endeavor to build its expertise to keep pace with the potential gray areas which have posed new challenges to the client.

Law firm’s integrated network of professionals in India provides clients with access to the Law firm's full spectrum of capabilities in virtually every area of business law. Whether an issue is local or multi-jurisdictional, practice area specific or inter-disciplinary, It is a Law firm’s culture and philosophy to work closely with clients to understand all of their legal needs, and to keep them apprised of legal developments that may affect them while operating in India. Law firm provides relevant legal services expertly, promptly and in a cost-effective manner to assist clients in achieving their business objectives. Law firm is widely known as a pragmatic, constructive and result-oriented firm. Law firm’s practice groups are at the leading edge of India’s legal developments. Law firm makes full use of our experienced support personnel and the latest technology to improve the productivity of its lawyers.


1. Legal Opinions
2. Intellectual Property Rights/Registration/Infringements & Passing off Suits
3. Reserve Bank of India
4. Foreign Exchange Management
5. Merger, Acquisition & Amalgamation
6. Securities Laws
7. Company Law
8. Arbitration
9. Foreign Direct Investment
10. Employment, Labour Disputes & Agreements
11. Litigation (Trial Courts, Tribunals, High Courts & Supreme Court of India)
12. Matrimonial Disputes
13. Consumer Disputes
14. Negotiable Instruments
15. Cyber Laws Consultancy
16. Title Search / Property Management Services
17. Contract & Documentation Services
18. Drafting of Agreements
19. Recovery Suits, DRT Matters
20. Insurance Claims
21. Suits for Movable & Immovable Properties
22. Joint Ventures, Arbitration Matters
23. Company Incorporation
24. Liaisoning with Govt. Authorities


We are servicing our esteemed clients at the following States successfully and growing day by day;

1. Delhi
2. Uttar Pradesh
3. Madhya Pradesh
4. Punjab & Haryana
5. Himachal Pradesh
6. Mumbai
7. Kolkata
8. Goa
9. Ahmadabad and all districts courts, consumer forum within the India.

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